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  • NIKKYO changed the bank accounts information.(Dec. 4,2014)(Details)
  • Important Notice before sending money to Nikkyo(Jul. 25,2013)(Details)
  • Environmental Radioactivity. (Apr. 12,2011)(Details)

Top used viechles exporter in Japan..

Nikkyo Co.,Ltd. is one of Japan's largest car and truck exporters. We ship around the world to over 100 countries and 190 ports. (Details)

Ask Customer's Request..

Nikkyo consists of highly trained professionals, working together as a team to help export our customer's vehicles. (Details)

Online car, truck & forklift export services..

A personal sales representative is assigned to each of Nikkyo's customers. Although we believe establishing strong "1 on 1" customer relationships is vital, all of Nikkyo's services can be accessed online. All transactions can be handled online from start to finish. (Details)

Yard facilities..

Nikkyo's private motor pool, located in Ibaraki, Japan, measures over 60,000 square meters and can handle over 3,000 vehicles at any given time. (Details)

Recruit information..

Nikkyo is looking for new people to join our team. If you are interested in joining the Nikkyo, please contact us. (Details)

Company profile..

NIKKYO Building, Ikebukuro 2-65-3, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, Japan (Details)

  • We can get your requested cars at auctions, tenders, leasing companies, and car-rental agents nationwide.
  • All of our buyers have been working at nikkyo over 8 years, and we are confident and proud of their expertise.
  • We have own auction system called JDA.
  • We have many kinds of auction terminals, and NIKKYO is always in advantaged positon to get your requested cars.
  • Our shipping personnel are all veterans. NIKKYO has good relationship with shipping companies, that is why we can get cheapest rates for freight compared to others. This is beneficial to our clients.
  • Our teamwork is the best, we can buy your cars, arrange ships and solve your problems without wasting any time.
Q & A

Q: Can NIKKYO find a car that fits my needs best?

A: Since NIKKYO has been founded, we have been in good relationship with domestic japanese car dealers , lease and other auction companies, and we have a highly skilled professional team that can check both the pictural conditions and physical specifications of each car at the auction house or even before it goes to auction.

Q: If the car which I want has a scratch or damaged, what can NIKKYO do for it?

A: NIKKYO has wholly owned yards and workshops. So we can repair sheet metal, paint the car or cut cars at cheapest cost according to your requests.

Q: Can you ship a car across the country?

A: Yes, we have connections with a lot of shipping companies. We can export our cars to various ports(over 190) which includes the port near you.

Q: I am worried about if shipping cost will be higher than I expected.

A: We can export our cars at a cheaper FCC than others, because we can get more discounts for exporting thousands of cars every year.

Q. If I'm wondering about purchasing a car, can I ask you any questions?

A. Of course. NIKKYO assigns a sales person in charge for each our customer, so that we can attend with your questions and needs very quickly.